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What we do

At Aindo, our vision is to facilitate fast, secure, and reliable access to information while upholding people’s rights and freedoms. We accomplish this vision through the Aindo Synthetic Data Platform.

Synthetic data

Synthetic data are artificial, computer-generated data that are devoid of sensitive information. Through advanced generative AI technology, hyper-realistic synthetic data can be created. By replacing real data in analytics and AI development, such synthetic data enable innovation in a safe and responsible manner. Synthetic data play a crucial role in fields such as healthcare, finance, and insurance, that are characterized by urgent data needs and stringent privacy protocols.

Example use cases

  • Healthcare: a medical research institute wishes to collaborate with other institutions by sharing patient data for research purposes. Aindo Platform can generate synthetic patient records that closely resemble real-world data, enabling secure data sharing without compromising patient privacy.
  • Finance: a car insurance provider wants to evaluate IoT platforms but can’t share real customer data. Aindo Platform generates synthetic customer records that mimic the real data, enabling secure product demonstrations and informed decision-making while protecting customer privacy.
  • Other industries: a municipal government wants to optimize public transport services but cannot share sensitive citizen data. Aindo Platform generates synthetic data on social connectivity and transport usage, enabling secure data sharing and integration. This synthetic data allows for optimized transportation routes and schedules, reducing carbon emissions and enhancing social inclusivity.

What we offer

Aindo is at the forefront of synthetic data innovation, specializing in relational tabular data. Our platform offers best-in-class performance and advanced features coupled with a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to both experts and non-experts. This allows seamless integration of synthetic data into any data-driven project, even when dealing with complex data types and formats.

Aindo Synthetic Data Platform

With the Aindo Synthetic Data Platform, you can:

  • Connect to your desired data source to generate synthetic data tailored to your specific needs (see the Sources section).
  • Obtain privacy-preserving, utility-preserving synthetic data for secure exchange and analysis (see the Synthesis section).
  • Visualize your data through intuitive dashboards.
  • Analyze and extract valuable insights from your data.
  • Exchange data directly with collaborators.

In essence, the Aindo Platform empowers users to generate synthetic data that closely mimic real-world datasets, while maintaining privacy and statistical accuracy. Understanding its capabilities and limitations ensures optimal utilization of this innovative tool.