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Manage users

The users management section is visible and available only to admin users. Here, as an admin, you can create new users or manage the existing ones. To manage a specific user, navigate to its account page from the Manage users page. You can then decide to edit its details, change its password or decide to block or activate the account.

Create a new user

  1. From the Manage users page, click on New user


  1. Enter all the user details and confirm by clicking on Create


Edit user details

You can edit the name and the company of any user. You can do so by opening the account page of the user and clicking the edit button under the Personal information section.



Change user password

You can change the password of any user account who uses email address and password to login to the Aindo Platform. To do so, open the user account and click on Change password, chose a new strong password and confirm.



Block or activate users

Admin users have the ability to block any other user, i.e. prevent them from login into the Aindo Platform until their account is reactivated.

To block a user, open its account page and click on Block user under the Security section. After confirmation, the status of the user will change from Active to Blocked. To reactivate the account and unblock the user, click on Activate user. The status will immediately switch back to Active.