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Quotas (also known as usage limits) are resources that are consumed when running a synthesis.


Synthesis time quota

This quota represents the remaining computation time available to perform synthesis. It can be refreshed daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Synthesis rows quota

This quota indicates the remaining number of rows that can be processed by a synthesis. Like the time quota, it can be refreshed daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Quota errors

  • If the synthesis causes the generated rows to exceed the “Synthesis rows quota,” the synthesis will not be performed. 2-errors.png

  • If the “Synthesis time quota” reaches zero during the model training phase of a synthesis, the run will fail. This can be observed in the execution timeline dialog. 3-errors.png


Q: What are quotas and how do they affect synthesis runs?
A: Quotas are resource limits defined on the platform. Each synthesis run consumes resources, which count against your quotas. If you run out of quota, you won’t be able to start new synthesis runs. Check your quota status and manage your usage accordingly.